New year’s resolution #1 complete

This time last year, or there abouts, I started a blog over on Blogger documenting day-to-day stuff, photos of interesting things I’d come across, websites, work-related events and the occasional picture of my toddler being cute. As the year progressed, though, it became more about me with the occasional library post thrown in.

This year, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to go for chartership with Cilip – it’s nearly ten years since I studied Info Science at City (BA MSc, always a satisfying combination) and after time out to have a baby I feel like I need to focus on my career again. Plus, with the advances in web technology (coupled with job losses on the flip side) it’s actually a pretty exciting, if risky, time to be a media librarian.

So my master plan is to start (and continue!) a chartership blog at the same time as keeping my personal blog up-to-date. And tweet. And do my job. And write my chartership portfolio. And, you know, have a life. Hmm. Maybe I’ve set myself a high target but at the very least this will be a spot to record all my work-related activities, which is one of the requirements of chartering.

Wish me luck.

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