news:rewired conference, Jan 14 2010

City University hosted the inaugural news:rewired event last week, a day of talks, panel discussions and heated debate on journalism in the digital age. There is too much to document in one post – use of social media, datamashing, Greg Hadfield’s shock announcement that he was leaving the Telegraph after only a year, to say nothing of the citizen journalism row – so this is the starting point for several posts.

You can read the other posts for detailed notes on each of the separate sessions I attended (I’ll add links here as I write them), but what really came out of the conference was a positive feeling that journalists (and anyone working in the media, including librarians!) are currently at the cutting edge of web media – they are writing their own rules and it’s an exciting time. They must be willing to try and fail (George Brock’s “spaghetti throwers” – chuck lots of ideas at the issue and see what sticks), and they must, as Greg Hadfield said, be entrepreneurs as well as traditional reporters.

In the words of Hadfield, if newspapers don’t move with the times they will die.

In-depth posts:


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