news:rewired #4: videojournalism with David Dunkley Gyimah

David Dunkley Gyimah (@viewmagazine), award-winning videojournalist and lecturer, View Magazine

  • Videojournalism and art don’t need to be separate  – videojournalism must move to a more visual language, the camera gives meaning to the story
  • eg film of poet John Hegley reading Tarantella (, scroll down)
  • New technology opens up a wider field, shouldn’t be a dead language (traditional video reporting is very staid, very set sequence of shots)
  • Important to discuss content design as well as website design
  • When you make a film you can be impartial but you can’t be objective because you have authorship, you editorialise by picking shots
  • A debate is needed on how to do videojournalism – loves a ding dong!

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