Articles: Writing ourselves new roles in May’s Update

My article Media Librarians: Writing ourselves new roles, on adapting our jobs as librarians to incorporate new media tools, is published in this month’s Update magazine, available online to Cilip members.

Media libraries have felt the financial squeeze over the past few years – the Guardian library has halved in size – but while our traditional tasks may have shrunk (journalists now have access to several online resources, and simple questions can be answered easily using the web) by mastering digital resources we are able to move into new areas and take on new challenges.

As I say in the article,

Although I am using new media tools and methods, working for different people in my organisation and in different ways, the core elements of my job remain the same. That is why I still call myself a librarian.
…In the age of information overload, and despite the ease of Google searching, organisations still need someone who is professionally trained to seek out pertinent information and deliver it – quickly, efficiently and in an easily usable way. We just have to be proactive enough to prove that, and embrace the new tools available to us.

The web is in essence a network of billions of pieces of information, in need of trained professionals to navigate it. The new media world can be daunting for librarians, but if we carefully select digital tools that can aid us, we can keep moving forward into the digital age.


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