Online: To tweet or not to tweet?

There’s an interesting discussion thread on the Cilip Communities forum at the moment about the ethics of tweeting during meetings.

I think Twitter is relatively discreet, and so shouldn’t distract other members of the audience or the speakers, but it’s interesting to get other views on it. I find it useful to make instant comments on key points via Twitter, which saves me deciphering hastily-scribbled notes later on, and have also found it incredibly useful to follow events I haven’t been able to attend on Twitter.

Clearly I’m a prolific tweeter though, and it’s interesting to hear what others who aren’t so tech-savvie think (although as other posters to the thread have pointed out, people who aren’t online so much are automatically excluded from a discussion that takes place in an online forum).


2 thoughts on “Online: To tweet or not to tweet?

  1. I tweet quite a lot during conferences and meetings, in part because I like it when the librarians I follow do the same at any conferences they attend. It’s a great way to get a quick feel of a conference that I’m not even attending.

    When I do it myself, I’m just trying to relay a few key ideas or quotes that I get from the speakers or participants. No one has ever complained to me directly about it, and since I’m usually notetaking on my computer anyways, it’s no more distracting than I would be otherwise. And I’ve had quite a few people thank me when I do tweet a conference, and picked up new followers.

    • I agree Daniel, for those of us who are net-savvie (is that a phrase?) it’s such a useful way of relaying information and getting others involved in the conversation. But I do get the point others have made that for people in the audience who aren’t quite so involved online it can be confusing if they don’t understand what we’re doing.

      Maybe it should come down to the speakers or moderator to mention beforehand? Phil Bradley, on the thread, points out that this would avoid misunderstandings, and they can then also give notice of relevant hashtags etc.

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