Week in the life: Tuesday 25 May 2010

In at 9.30am again and straight to work, I had a couple of emails awaiting my arrival! Nice to feel wanted I guess.

  • A journalist wanted to get hold of an article from The Modern Law Review from 1972, which he had found on JSTOR but couldn’t get access to. We don’t subscribe, so I checked our resources (and our Legal dept, to see if they subscribed – they don’t), but couldn’t see it there. I emailed the secretary of the Review, in case they could send a copy, but no reply as yet. I suggested a visit to the British Library, but as a last resort posted a message on NewsLib, in case anyone else in the library ether had access. Five minutes later I had a PDF copy in my inbox. NewsLib really is a wonderful resource for bringing together librarians who are separated by distance, and pooling knowledge.
  • Corrections – as yesterday, I added the day’s corrections to the articles they referred to.
  • Obits cuts search – Paul Gray of Slipknot was found dead on Monday, so the obituaries desk wanted any early years or biographical information I could find on him. I searched cuts on Nexis and checked for a profile on Credo (no joy) but there was very little out there.
  • Profile cuts for an interview – A journalist wanted cuts on Roy Williams, the playwright, to prep for an interview. I searched Nexis and got hold of profiles, interviews, reviews of his work and a few articles he has written, edited and compiled them then emailed them over.
  • Datablog post on birth rates – The ONS has released new statistics on birth rates in England and Wales, with a ten-year comparison, and broken them down by various means including age and local authority. The Datablog editor asked me to write a post, so I found the stats on the ONS website, and uploaded them into a Google doc. After a bit of tidying up and formatting for the web, I downloaded the data to create a table to attach to the article, focusing on the local authority stats. I wrote the article to accompany the data, picking out a few key points, attached the table, keyworded it and launched to the web.
  • Cuts query on Labour leadership candidates – A comment journalist wanted the main quotes and interviews from the past few weeks from the six candidates for the Labour leadership. An initial Nexis search of UK broadsheets threw up too many articles, so I narrowed the search to include only interviews, which threw up too few! To widen the search I searched by each individual name, bit of wading but sometimes it’s the only way to find relevant info. Frustratingly, I kept coming across references to an Ed Ball interview in the Telegraph but not the article itself, so I ran a quick Google search and found the piece straight away.
  • Uploaded today’s From the archive piece, as yesterday.

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