Library Day in the Life: Tuesday

Assistant librarian, Guardian News & Media (media library)

– Library Day in the Life project

Tuesday is brownie day in the Guardian library, always good to come in to baked goods!

  • Added the David Cameron timeline I compiled yesterday to the department intranet – now I just have to remember to keep updating it
  • Attended morning conference, which is open to everyone – David Miliband was the special guest
  • Tried contacting the Olympic Delivery Authority press office to get hold of venue floor plans, but their phone is permanently on voicemail, grr
  • Tried to track down a date of birth for tomorrow’s obituary pages, with no luck. It’s going to be one of those frustrating days, I can tell
  • Created a Labour leadership page on our intranet, with profile info for each candidate (Who’s Who entry, Guardian profile & news page etc), a timeline of the leadership race and links to relevant online resources (Labour Party site, Unions Together, Guardian microsite, Guido Fawkes)

Lunch beckons, before I eat all the chocolate brownies.

  • Finally got hold of the ODA press officer – they’re on site all day as it’s only two years to go (you’d think they’d expect calls from the press today, ho hum) but I’ll be able to speak to them tomorrow. So sort of successful
  • Added a nifty searchable map of UK libraries by postcode (created by @psychemedia) to our Delicious account
  • Wrote a new Datablog post, on the cheery subject of animal testing. Now I know that mice are most likely to be tested on, but nearly 400,000 fish were tested on last year too. Not sure when that will ever come in useful!
  • Added the new GDP figure from the ONS to the Datablog post on GDP

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