Library Day in the Life: Wednesday

Assistant librarian, Guardian News & Media (media library)

– Library Day in the Life project

Another conference guest this morning – Diane Abbott, also running for the Labour leadership. Only Ed M and Andy B to go and we’ll have a full set.

  • Attended morning conference
  • Updated the David Cameron timeline on the intranet with his Gaza comments
  • Wrote a story for the company intranet and noticeboard giving links to the new resources on our intranet, hopefully it’ll drive up interest
  • Looking for articles for the From the Archive series, for a couple of weeks’ time. Found on eon Woodstock (1969), Churchill’s speech on the Battle of Britain (1940) and a nice miscellany on the use of gravy browning instead of stockings (1944) – they’re the ones I like!
  • Tweeted my Datablog post on animal testing from yesterday, and a sidebar on musicians in politics by one of my colleagues that is on page 3 today (we’re @guardianlibrary)

Lunch – managed to hold out until 2 so the afternoon goes quickly!

  • The reader’s editor wanted to track down a copy of the 1945 Potsdam agreement, to check whether it was signed by Churchill or Attlee. Lots of web and encyclopedia digging later, I found an image on the PBS website
  • Looking for articles on children living in circus communities, or on the margins of society. Beautifully random, if tricky to pin down
  • Writing a quick sidebar for the foreign pages on hot political memoirs, let’s hope they print this one

That’s me done for the week (I’m only a three-day part timer). Looking forward to reading everyone else’s logs!

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