Articles: Cilip Update May 2011

My mentor’s first piece of advice was to read everything I can get my hands on and write it down afterwards. This month’s Cilip Update seems a good place to start.

As well as keeping in touch with the industry in general, a few articles stood out. I’m really interested in the use of digital media in libraries, along with most librarians these days I’m sure! These are just initial notes, I haven’t quite geared my brain into forming a cohesive argument from the threads yet.

  • p9, Digital pioneers declare the death of the dump-bin – good examples of how digital services can be rolled out in public libraries
  • p11, Soundbytes: Let the Users Decide, Charlie Unskip – many benefits of involving the user in acquisitions but needs overall control as well; digital take-up is a big step for libraries – “changing the format which carries information isn’t all bad, but may take a generational shift in attitudes”
  • p25 – JISC goes lean, Elspeth Hyams – useful JUSP tool for analysing usage data, need to analyse data at work somehow
  • pp43-45 – UK Copyright: In a state of extreme flux, Charles Oppenheim – orphan works are risk of digitisation, does that apply to news articles? Would assume not (copyright held by paper?)

Further reading:

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