Chartership resources: Using Delicious to track reading

I’ve been puzzling over ways to record all the articles I read and sites I look at during the Chartership process (yes, I’m avoiding my CV writing!).

The simple solution would be to list them on a separate blog page above, like the Web Work page I use to record my writing and research pieces. There’d be no way to categorise them though, no way of adding keywords, and judging by the number of blogposts I’ve already scanned today it’s going to be a long, long list!

Instead, I’ve set up a Delicious account specifically for Chartership reading. We have a list at work, although it’s always been underused. It’s a great way of keeping track of useful resources in the age of information overload, as well as sharing links with others.

As well as keeping a record of my reading list, it also means I won’t have to blog about everything, just the articles and resources I’ve found particularly useful, and which I can apply to my day to day role.

I’m trying to select a list of tags that will help me categorise links without getting completely out of hand!


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