Seth Godin: The fallout continues

Seth Godin’s piece on the future of libraries is continuing to foster debate in the biblioblogosphere (not sure about that term, but can’t think of a better one!).

PC Sweeney makes a good point over on his blog, that while Seth may have a misconception of what a present-day library looks like, the fact he doesn’t know that many librarians already embrace digital resources is our fault as a profession. Essentially, it’s fine to provide ebooks, increase web terminals and use social media but if we don’t tell anyone about it, how can we expect to attract new users?

While I agree that librarians need to get proactive, need to get out there and market our services, I still think Seth should have taken a proper look at the industry before he formulated his argument. But Sweeney makes a good argument and is worth a read (a bit of blog love goes a long way 🙂 ).


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