Book review: Marilyn Johnson, This Book Is Overdue!

I really enjoyed reading Marilyn Johnson’s This Book Is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. If anyone is in doubt about the digital role librarians can, and already do, play in the 21st century I’d recommend a read.

Johnson doesn’t draw any earth-shattering conclusions from her foray into the world of cybrarians (not sure I like that word btw, sounds a bit like a Marvel villain), but her thorough study highlights a lot of the pros, and the pitfalls, of moving libraries of all shapes and sizes into the digital world.

I came away with a really positive attitude, fired up to explore all the applications I’d learned about; it’s kind of career-affirming, at a time when it seems our industry is being battered from all sides.


2 thoughts on “Book review: Marilyn Johnson, This Book Is Overdue!

  1. I read this book last year just before I started my first library job and I found it really helpful for finding library blogs to follow.

    I’m also doing CPD23 so looking forward to reading your blog throughout the programme!

    • I found some of it interesting but not necessarily useful, but you’re right, there’s a great section on blogging.

      I’ve been meaning to write a fuller review but I’ve not got back to it (always forget to reflect, as I’ve just commented on your blog!).

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