Chartership: key points from the Chartership Handbook

I probably should have done this sooner, but I reread the Chartership Handbook today to remind myself of the key aims in chartering, before I tackle my PPDP. If I post them here I can refer back to them when I get bogged down in material!

I’m going to keep the assessment criteria on a post-it note on my computer too, so I can frame everything as I go along.

Key points:

  • Whatever you submit, make sure it meets the criteria!
  • It’s the content of the evidence that matters, not the amount – quality not quantity! Make sure everything is relevant to at least one of the criteria, don’t just throw things in to bulk out your portfolio
  • Make sure you’re constantly reflecting on your progress, evaluating how every activity contributes to your professional learning, and helps you become a better info professional

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