Working week: June 27-June 28

I’m going to keep a work diary every week so I can track what I’ve done, and try to reflect before the start of the next week, to pick out portfolio tasks. I do like lists!

Monday June 27

  • Went through emails (first day back after 9 months, rather a lot of deleting!)
  • From the Archive pieces for July 7 and 8 – found and edited articles on striking dockers (1923) and Brian Jones (1969)
  • Guardian Films query – El Salvador journos/photogs in 1980s/1990s – checked Factiva and our internal text archive for articles with datelines, suggested digital archive for pics

Tuesday June 28

  • Factiva training – haven’t used it for a few years, good reminder of connectors, searching, sources, alerts, introduction to new workspace feature
  • Query about fish and chip shops – statistics, history – Factiva articles search, internal text archive to fill in gaps, Google search for source for stats
  • Query about Sarah Helm – background info, interviews, news stories – Factiva and internal text archive search
  • Had a look over the intranet to see what needs improving, reorganising
  • Updated Afghanistan casualty lists for intranet and Datablog
  • Wrote a blog post to accompany the Brian Jones archive piece next week

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