Throwaway blogging: of morons and Mormons

I wrote my first post for the shiny new research department blog, From the archive, today. Well, two really, but the other one won’t launch until Thursday night.

Both posts are based on stories from the Guardian and Observer digital archive (the blog does what it says on the tin!), but are very different beasts.

Thursday’s post pulls together five or six articles, and a British Pathe video, to give the reader a rounded, comprehensive view of a moment in history (in this instance, the death of Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones’ Hyde Park concert a few days later). It took the best part of the morning to compile, with numerous rewrites, and still isn’t finished.

Today’s post is a one-paragraph correction I chanced across while I was editing an article for the On This Day column. It took less than half an hour to capture the image, write the blurb and post online. It had been retweeted twenty times by this evening and will no doubt be forgotten by the morning. But it is no less valid a blogpost because of it.

That’s what I like about blogging – there’s a time to be measured and a time to post a rapid, throwaway remark that nonetheless captures the imagination, however briefly.


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