Working week: July 4-July 5

I’m getting back into the swing of things this week, and taking note of anything I could build on for Chartership. Busy busy few days – colleagues were out on holiday or sick on Monday, and by Tuesday the News of the World storm was gathering.

Weeks like this make me wish I worked full time, the Guardian has become the news and I’m guessing the department’s been busy!

Monday July 4

  • Journalist request for specific Lancet article, with vague details – checked The Lancet website for full details, checked Factiva and Nexis, contacted health correspondent who subscribes
  • Uploaded Saturday’s From the Archive, and tweeted it from the dept account (@guardianlibrary)
  • Uploaded today’s From the Archive, and tweeted it
  • Journalist query on Olivia Colman – cuts from Factiva and internal archive, didn’t find much, journalist pointed out I’d misspelled her surname – note to self, CHECK SPELLINGS FIRST!
  • Journalist query
  • Journalist query on Qatar and the World Cup – Factiva, internal archive
  • Journalist request for articles on fire in Russia in 2006 – Factiva
  • Wrote blog post for Friday – learnt how to find, edit and upload images, and link to archive articles
  • Blogged a correction from 1925 that I came across – Morons not Mormons
  • Found and edited a From the Archive article for next week (11 July 1925)

Tuesday July 5

  • Uploaded today’s From the Archive, and tweeted it
  • Updated the Afghanistan casualty list, filling in gaps that had appeared over the past few months, and adding the latest death
  • Reposted the new Afghanistan casualties page to the Datablog, and tweeted it
  • Found and edited a From the Archive article for 16 July
  • Added content to the From the Archive blog homepage – navigation bar links – and added a link to it from the From the Archive series page
  • Found a journal article for a journalist that was behind a paywall – Google search let me link to the article, bypassing the paywall, cheeky!
  • Journalist query for names of children abducted near Milly Dowler case (in connection with NotW) – Factiva, internal archive, web search

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