Working week, July 11-13

Monday July 11

  • Uploaded Saturday’s On this day article, and tweeted it
  • Uploaded today’s On this day article, and tweeted it – added a link to a related blogpost from last week, and added a link to today’s piece in the blogpost
  • Journalist query on Jeffery Deaver character and names of other blind detectives – Google search
  • Datablog query – updated list of News of the World alleged phonehacking victims – Factiva, internal archive, Google
  • Journalist query on Jonathan Ross – Factiva, internal archive, had to separate into manageable chunks as there was so much info
  • Obits check on birthdate of Manuel Galban – date given on Wikipedia but not elsewhere – nothing definite on Factiva in English or Spanish, followed Wikipedia citation for source
  • Readers’ editor query on how press regulation is run in other countries – web, Factiva
Tuesday July 12
  • Uploaded the From the archive for today, and tweeted it
  • Checked the Afghanistan casualty pages, and updated
  • We have a work experience student this week, so I showed her how to upload From the archive stories and tweet them
  • Wrote a How to… for the Afghanistan casualties spreadsheet in Google Docs, and shared it with the department
  • Added the department blog to the Editor’s picks list on website search
  • Corrected the Afghanistan casualties spreadsheet – uniform cause of death descriptions
  • Worked through the intranet and made pointers on how to revamp it
Wednesday July 13
I had such a good day at the Umbrella conference! Some of the sessions were more useful than others, but it was great to meet so many people face to face that I know online, and make new connections. More on the sessions I attended later this week.

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