CPD23 Thing 4 follow-up

Before I get started on Thing 5 (late!) I need to follow through on the challenges I set in Thing 4 – current awareness. I didn’t do too badly but I’m still trying to balance how much information I need to read to keep up to date with actually, you know, having a life!

I find it trickier now I work part time – I’m great at keeping a hand in at the start of the week, but after Wednesday I’m restricted to checking blogs, Twitter etc after hours, and I don’t want to spend every evening plugged in! By the time Monday rolls back round I’ve missed the boat on at least one interesting discussion. I’m starting to think I need a smartphone, but then my husband and kids would probably lose me altogether.

I’ve not checked out Pushnote yet (it’ll have to be Monday at work), but I have reorganised my Twitter account by creating separate lists for librarian-related people, journalism and other random bods. Hopefully it means I’ll be able to filter my stream depending which mode I’m in. I’ve also weeded out most of the celebs, so now it’s mainly professional (not entirely though, where’s the fun in that?).

I’ve set up Google Reader as well, so now I get RSS feeds of all the blogs I read regularly. Not that I’m up to date with the reading part but it’s a start, right?

I’ve not worked out whether to use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite yet either. Let’s hope Monday is quiet…


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