Umbrella conference: first reflections

I’m not up to speed with CPD23 Thing 5 yet (is it too early for a catch-up week?) but I do know it’s about reflective learning. I haven’t posted my notes from my visit to Umbrella yet, and I’m going to try and write a properly reflective post next week, but in keeping with Thing 5, these are the initial reflections I jotted down on the train back on Wednesday.

  • Don’t just assume you know what users/colleagues want, ask them (surveys/studies/informal chats) – Ian Rowlands, Nigel Ford & Alan Brine good egs of building service/training on solid research
  • Libraries need to get ahead of the digital curve again¬†– Nick Stopforth & Alan Poulter
  • Wikis are a useful tool for internal use – Alan Brine eg ‘the67things’
  • Google Generation results don’t just apply to teens – our users tend to expect quick answers, skim not in depth (Ian Rowlands)
  • Lots of links to check out

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