Working week, July 18-19

Monday July 18

  • Deleted Associated Newspaper articles from text archive – when a legal issue is raised about an article we have to delete all copies of the article until the issue is resolved, for all national papers including our own
  • Emailed IT about missing Associated Newspaper articles on database
  • Added Saturday’s Guardian corrections to the articles in the text archive
  • Added Observer corrections to the articles
  • Added today’s corrections to the articles
  • Journalist e-book query on phone hacking – wanted comprehensive comment pieces covering the whole story from mid-2000s onwards – website, Factiva, internal archive, gave advice on accessing articles remotely
  • Journalist query about select committees – asked for further info as can’t find anything
  • Spoke to web about combining Afghan interactives and spreadsheet
  • Found On this day articles – 25 July and 1 August
  • Journalist query – Rebekah Brooks address –
  • Helped our work experience with On This Day
  • Journalist query – Sean Hoare age
Tuesday July 19
  • Added today’s corrections to articles
  • Showed our trainee how to update the Afghanistan casualties page
  • Spoke with Datablog about combining resources on Afghan casualties
  • Added data tables to Afghanistan spreadsheet, amended How to… instructions and the intranet page on Afghanistan
  • Helped work experience with On this day
  • Attended Let’s Talk Digital talk on moderation and online communities
  • Worked with Datablog to organise transcription of Murdoch committee hearings
  • Department meeting
  • Created audit spreadsheet for the department, to assess our service
  • Wrote blog post about custard pies in the wake of the Rupert Murdoch piegate incident

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