CPD23 Thing 7: CILIP in London event

My first CILIP in London event, to tie in with Thing 7 of CPD23 (real world networks), was a great success.

The discussion part of the evening was really useful in introducing me to some of the work that committee members do in CILIP, and the discussion format introduced me to a few new faces (as well as letting me chat with some old ones!).

The social side afterwards (as well as giving me a stinking hangover) meant I got to meet some great fellow professionals in what is an increasingly isolated profession. Plus free wine (did I mention the hangover?).


Francis – CILIP

  • Hard to get committee members at outposts, looking at merging some branches – pilots going on
  • Reassessing the CILIP input agreement – some groups may continue without CILIP input
  • New model rolls out in 2012

Committee involvement helps PPD:

  • managing and planning experience
  • managing budgets
  • leadership
  • publicity
  • networks
  • advocacy
  • plug the gap if there’s no opportunity at work

Franko – Career Development Group

  • chair, secretary, treasurer – hard posts to fill, lots of work
  • events organiser – visits, workshops, socials
  • candidate support officer – came to it through qualifications – workshops, speaking
  • mentor for chartership
  • New Professionals conference
  • About getting people involved, engaged to help

Helen, HLG – CPD panel chair

  • needed to enhance CV, found CPD panel interesting – study days, workshops, conferences


  • increased knowledge of sector
  • increased respect for collaboration
  • network stretches across the country
  • more confidence in tackling new tasks
  • apply skills to job
  • good for CV, promotion
  • share good practice, increase your network

Increases the workload on top of your job but it’s worth it.

Neil – SLA Europe

CILIP was useful in the early days, then SLA filled the gap – more personal benefit – it’s important to look at your own needs and decide which organisation to join.

Contacts through the network helped to get new job!


I need to look into which CILIP groups I’m a member of, and consider getting involved (although I think I want to focus on Chartership at the moment). I need to join SLA Europe, too, to widen my network.

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