Working week: Tuesday 26 July 2011

Library Day in the Life 7

Assistant librarian, news library (Guardian News & Media)

  • 9.30am – Into the office on time again, must be a record! Dropped by the canteen for a bowl of porridge and then tackled the first query of the day – the obits desk emailed late last night and are after some reviews of a book from 1983, and details about the author. Our internal archive doesn’t stretch that far back, and Factiva doesn’t hold many early-’80s sources either, but I found the FT review on there. I pulled the Observer and Guardian reviews from the digital archive, too, but could find nothing biographical on the author, which is hugely frustrating.
  • 9.55am – Grabbed five minutes to read Zoe Williams’ article on news overload, which I did some research for yesterday. Always nice to see the end product!
  • 10am – As well as sourcing and editing ‘on this day’ articles for the Guardian leader page, we upload them onto the website once they’re in print, for the From the Archive series. I was rota’d to add today’s piece, so I took the copy from the archive viewer software, added all the web furniture in InCopy and launched it, then tweeted the link on @guardianlibrary. Unfortunately a colleague had also uploaded it so it took me twice as long to take my copy down again, and sort out the messy multiple tweets. Sigh.
  • 10.30am – Spent some more time working on the 9/11 anniversary stuff, putting information for sidebars into Google spreadsheets (I spend so much time on Google Docs these days I’m starting to have nightmares).
  • 12pm – Prepped a Datablog blogpost in advance of the Man Booker Prize longlist announcement later today.
  • 12.45pm – Quick lunch before…
  • 1pm – Off to a talk from Fiona Romeo (@foe), head of digital media at the National Maritime Museum, as part of the Guardian’s Let’s Talk Digital series of talks aimed at boosting employees’ knowledge of digital things. Really inspiring examples of engaging volunteers in cataloguing and mining collections and datasets, and new ways of visualising collections.
  • 3.30pm – The Booker Prize longlist has been announced, so I spent an hour frantically adding data to the Datablog spreadsheet on all the listed books, then launched the post. It might go into tomorrow’s paper in some form or other, which is always nice. I get quite excited when readers bother to comment (compared to the Guardian average I get very few!) so I’ll make sure to reply to everyone.

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