Networking: LIKE guided walk

Statue of John Betjeman at St Pancras Station

John Betjeman

Last Thursday I went to my first LIKE event, a guided walk of King’s Cross which took in the Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras and King’s Cross stations, the German Gymnasium and St Pancras Old Churchyard.

King’s Cross has always been my gateway to the city and I’ve explored parts of it – what a shame we didn’t see the Hardy tree in the churchyard up close – but it was great to take the time to stop and look around, and learn a bit more about the area. I’d never adventured upstairs in St Pancras station to see the sculptures, or noticed the Stanley Building tenements next to the Gymnasium.

Dinner at Canal 125 after was delish, I met some lovely people and I may have agreed to help out at the next event (I blame the wine…).

3 thoughts on “Networking: LIKE guided walk

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