Working week, August 2-3

I had a long weekend away, enjoying the sunshine in Norfolk, so this is another short week. Back to my usual routine next week, not sure how I’ll cope with three straight days of work!

Tuesday August 2

  • Uploaded today’s From the Archive article, and tweeted it
  • Helped our trainee relaunch the Afghanistan casualties page, now new amputation figures are out
  • Updated the nuclear power timeline on the Guardian website for the environment desk
  • Journalist query – information on Richard Pearson for obits
  • Spent some time working through reader complaints about an infographic the department worked on while I was on leave
Wednesday August 3
  • Journalist query for info on Endosulfan (had to look it up – a pesticide FYI) – a few large articles and lots in the India press on Factiva
  • Uploaded today’s From the Archive article, and tweeted it
  • Journalist query for profiles, stats and trivia on Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones; journalist got back to me at the end of the day because it wasn’t really what he wanted – frustrating but a good lesson that I should ask for more details if I’ve not worked for someone before
  • More time clearing up the errors in the politics interactive – I’m an expert on Hungarian/Romanian politics now! Hopefully there’ll be a postmortem meeting once the corrections are complete, so we can learn from it
  • Journalist query about someone who’s raised issues with our coverage – didn’t find much, frustrating

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