CPD23 Thing 9: Evernote

CPD23 Thing 9 post on Evernote

I like the sound of Evernote – one of the main struggles I have in keeping up with the profession is finding time to read articles, blogposts etc. I’ve tried compiling them in Delicious, and setting up RSS feeds, but I never seem to get round to the reading part.

Even if I do, I usually make notes and forget to write them up. Evernote may offer at least a partial solution (there will never be enough time in the day to read everything!). If I change the way I process articles, scanning over them first rather than just storing links for later, it will enable me to make quick notes on screen that I can refer back to or flesh out, depending on the post in question.

My concern is that it’s yet another platform for me to master and remember to check. The thing I need to remember is that there’s a web tool out there for just about everything you could ever wish to do; my challenge is to check them out, work out whether they’re useful and only adopt the ones that really add value to the way I work.

The major problem is that I can’t download applications at work, and that’s the time I usually come across articles I want to read. I’ll download it at home but I’m not sure I’ll really get the benefit from an application I can’t use any time, anywhere.


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