Working week, August 8-10

Monday August 8

  • Added the printed corrections to articles for Saturday, Sunday and today
  • Blogged a quick snippet from the coverage of the 1985 Broadwater Riots – forerunner of the live blog; made a mistake in not checking with SEO ed first, & knocked a more important story off the Google news page, doh
  • Blogged a longer in-depth piece on the Broadwater Riots – newsworthy, although the story had moved on a bit by the end of the day and certainly overnight – you need to move quickly if you’re blogging about current events!
  • Spent an hour or so doing research job for an editor linked to a complaint from a reader, rather than a story
  • Met with Graphics to discuss a big interactive we have coming up
Tuesday August 9
  • Went to morning conference, riots of last night hotly debated
  • Attached today’s corrections to articles
  • Research for editor on phone hacking and media coverage
  • Set up a spreadsheet for the upcoming interactive, collaborated with Graphics, and started work on it
  • Journalist queries – Tottenham unemployment compared to rest of borough – Datablog has handy by constituency unemployment data; and stop and search stats reported on last year – found on text archive
  • Journalist query – profiles and info on John Wood for Obits
Wednesday August 10
  • Electoral roll searches for residents on Church St, Croydon – journalist down there today – we use which pulls various sources together
  • Added today’s corrections to articles
  • Chased tech support about a further hole in the internal archive – a week of last month’s Guardian is missing!
  • Set up folders and files for the interactive we’re collaborating on with graphics, and started work on it
  • Journalist query – article on police cuts and riots
  • Journalist search of Companies House
  • Tried to track down an image of the first three pages of the Guardian on 12/9/01 – surprisingly difficult, found black and white but they need colour
  • Found an article for next week’s From the archive – Queen Caroline’s funeral in 1821

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