Working week, September 19-21

The silly season is over and I’ve got that back to school feeling! I’ve been a bit lax at blogging but I’m going to knuckle down again. Promise.

Monday, 19 September

  • Added corrections to articles for Saturday, Sunday and today
  • Worked on revamping the intranet – it’s one of my chartership goals, so I’ll blog about it in more depth when we’re further on (more reason to see it through!). Basically the current version is outdated, and our way of working has changed so we need more of a resources portal than a collection of timelines (we still do those, but they’re published direct to the web). Today, I’m tidying up and reorganising what’s there at the moment, and helping decide on the layout for the new version.
  • Found an article of his from 1983 for Ken Loach, from the digital archive. Sadly via a journalist, so I didn’t get to speak to him!
  • The Afghan War Dead interactive has been moved to a new spreadsheet, to make it easier for imaging, but it means we’ve got to copy over the correct image urls. Tedious but a few of us are chipping in.
  • Updated the Man Booker Prize 2011 Datablog post, with sales figures for the week following the shortlist announcement. Definitely a Booker bounce! I like doing long-term data analysis, partly because there’s more opportunity to engage people below the line.

Tuesday 20 September

  • Wrote a From the archive blogpost on the David Shayler case in 2000 – the last time the Met police invoked the Official Secrets Act to obtain source material from the Guardian. It’s a great way of using the digital archive to add value to a story (although as often happens the story had moved on a bit by the time I’d written it!)
  • Added today’s corrections to articles
  • Found a contact for the US hikers in Iran, for an editor who wants to interview them
  • Sent a copy of a Guardian graphic from the digital archive to Bank of England press office

Wednesday 21 September

  • Added today’s corrections to articles
  • Showed our new trainee how to update the Datablog Afghanistan post
  • Researched a graphic on space debris to go with a story on the satellite that’s coming back to Earth on Friday – five key reentries, location and some basic details. It’s ages since I did a juicy bit of research like this, it’s satisfying pinning down the best sources and pulling all the info together
  • A couple of journalist queries on the most recent poll data on spending cuts
  • Spent a couple of hours reorganising all the research briefings on the intranet – because they’ve been added piecemeal they’re not categorised very well, or at all really, so it needs simplifying. It means copying the info into new pages, changing the links then deleting the old pages, which is a tad confusing but once it’s all sorted out it’ll be much easier to use. And prettier!

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