Working week, 26-28 September 2011

Monday 26 September

  • Uploaded Saturday and Monday’s From the archive pieces, 1925 – Bomb hoax on the liner Berengaria and 1975 – Everest beaten – the hard way, and tweeted them
  • Bit more reorganising of the intranet
  • Journalist query – cuts on Ivan Lewis, from the internal text archive
  • Journalist query – global box office takings of Woody Allen films – had a dig around the web and archives, but no one seems to have bothered with international box office figures before 2000
  • Journalist query – profiles, interviews & news cuts on Gazza
Tuesday 27 September
  • Sent a copy of a Herald article from Factiva
  • Uploaded today’s 1984 From the archive piece, China’s 50-year pledge on capitalism in Hong Kong
  • Checked some figures for a graphic – I’m not particularly mathematical so it took me far too long to work out how to divide m² and km²
  • Tracked down an estimation of the number of articles the Guardian has printed in the previous year, for the Bedside
  • Worked on the intranet revamp
Wednesday 28 September
  • Compiled a list of alleged phone hacking victims, which proved harder than I thought! Worked off the old Telegraph and BBC lists (which they’ve updated since then!), then did lots of web digging
  • Uploaded today’s From the archive piece, 1929 – Premier starts on his mission, about Ramsay MacDonald’s send-off on a trip to the US
  • Updated the Man Booker Prize sales figures for the Datablog – Snowdrops still out in front
  • Found stats for a graphic on mining in the UK
  • More time reorganising the intranet – it looks much cleaner now, and our trainee has checked all the links, so I’m feeling satisfied

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