Working week, 3-5 October 2011

Monday 3 October

  • Added corrections from Saturday, Sunday and today to the relevant articles
  • Added legal warnings to several articles
  • Found some company info on private equity organisations, from Factiva/web
  • Journalist query – follow-up on Gazza stuff I did last week
  • Journalist query – any coverage in the UK on a set of twins swapped at birth – Factiva to check regionals
  • Started an Afghanistan timeline, for the tenth anniversary this week
Tuesday 4 October
  • Background articles for an obit – Factiva and digital archive; the author isn’t Guardian staff so it was a good chance to promote us as well!
  • Today’s corrections added to articles
  • Deleted an article from another paper that’s part of a legal dispute
  • Journalist query – specific article from the Telegraph, from Factiva, and articles on the latest polls on Blair’s popularity, also Factiva
  • Lot of work on the Afghanistan timeline – because it’s for an interactive they need links to each story as well as the date and facts
Wednesday 5 October
  • Finished off the Afghanistan timeline and sent it to graphics and picture desk – the final interactive was launched at the end of the week, and very pretty it is too
  • Added a longer version of the Afghan timeline to the intranet – bound to be asked for it again
  • Today’s corrections added to articles – had a meeting with Reader’s editor team about the new system of correcting coming in
  • There’s a minor issue with our internal archive – duplicate copies of articles – so emailed some examples to IT
  • Journalist query – fame hungry celebrity parents – my kind of topic! Bit of Factiva and web searching, not as successful as I’d hoped
  • Journalist query – latest commentary on the party funding report due next month – from Factiva
  • Added a legal warning to an article
  • Wrote a Datablog post for the Times Higher Education top universities list. It was embargoed until Thursday so I was really careful not to launch the post or make the spreadsheet public!

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