Working week 17-19 October

Monday 17 October

  • Started writing blogposts for the Booker prize, which is tomorrow – a history for From the Archive, and an update of the Datablog sales post – had to check a couple of the figures
  • Sent a copy of an early edition Observer story to the writer
  • Journalist query – full text of written statement by a minister – from Hansard
  • Checked employee figures on several lists of the world’s biggest employers, for Graphics
  • Pulled together a package on Tunisia since the revolution, for a journalist who is covering the election there

Tuesday 18 October

Wednesday 19 October
  • Journalist query – cuts for an obit, actress who is out of the spotlight now so had to scout around a bit
  • Updated the Datablog on the Booker prize with details of the winner (Julian Barnes, if you’re curious!)
  • Tried to track down an official list of Tunisian political parties for a graphic – partial success
  • Journalist queries – round-up of the Occupy Wall St protests (Factiva), list of billionaires who support tax rises (luckily a colleague did the same thing a few weeks ago!), and an OECD quote (which I couldn’t find)
  • A 1975 From the archive piece by Stanley Reynolds for November, lovely Joyceian (is that a word?) piece of writing

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