Working week, 24-26 October

Monday 24 October

  • Added today’s and the weekend’s corrections to relevant articles – the Corrections team is quite rightly changing the way it works (see Leslie Plommer’s Open door column from today’s Guardian), so we’re trying to find the best way to cope with the idea of rolling corrections (some of which won’t appear in the paper), but for now we’re still doing it once a day. Took me a while to pick through the various versions of the column (online/in print) but got there in the end
  • Restored the bookmarks to our department Delicious account (they were lost in the transition from Yahoo last month). Now that they’re back I need to do some editing
  • Journalist query – articles on Northern Rock pre-collapse (got the wrong end of the stick initially and did an entirely pointless search, must learn to ask for clarification if I’m not sure about something instead of guessing!)
  • Added various legal warnings to the relevant articles, and deleted an article from another paper that’s under investigation
  • Journalist query – profiles of Umberto Eco
  • Prepped my presentation for the Graduate Open Day tomorrow – my first talk, frankly terrified but I’m sure they’ll be gentle…
Tuesday 25 October
  • Added today’s paper and online corrections and clarifications to articles
  • Quick check on a source for a journalist – Theatre Record – we don’t subscribe, hate letting people down (but guess we can’t subscribe to everything)
  • Meeting about the intranet revamp
  • Asked for suggestions for a new name for the intranet – posted stories to the company intranet and noticeboard
  • Graduate Open Day talk – scary!
  • From the archive for next week – 3 Nov 1921, miscellany – always a good column to check for quirky pieces
  • Journalist query – number of deaths in Libya
Wednesday 26 October
  • Journalist query – background on Cumnock for a reporter who is there to cover the Stuart Walker murder – news cuts from regionals from  Factiva, stats from  the Scottish government (took a bit of digging)
  • Added today’s paper and online corrections to the relevant articles
  • Quite a few legal amendments and deletions today
  • Journalist query – follow-up from yesterday, trying to find a figure for deaths in Libya before Nato intervened
  • Reader query – someone doing a talk was after GSCE stats by London borough – wouldn’t normally do this type of query but I knew we had the data on the Datablog so it was quick!
  • Updated the Datablog on the Booker prize shortlist sales with latest figures to show the immediate aftermath of the prize-giving
  • Had a go at adding images to the new intranet portal page – with varying degrees of success!

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