Working week, 7-9 November

I was only in one day last week (sickness + holiday, thankfully not at the same time!) so I skipped Working week. Back for more of the same this week.

Monday 7 November 

  • Uploaded the From the archive piece from Saturday, 1980: It’s President Reagan by a landslide, and tweeted it
  • Talked our trainee through uploading today’s piece, 1931: Pooling the world’s gold
  • Uploaded yesterday’s From the Observer archive piece, 1983: Channel 4 begins to get with the programme (Julian Barnes defending a nascent C4), to our shiny new Observer archive page (I started it off last week, so from now on we’ll be uploading Sunday’s archive piece from the Observer New Review every week as well. Yay!)
  • Spoke to production bods about a minor issue with the Observer series page – trail pics are disappearing – a quirk in the system but it’s so minor it’s not worth trying to figure out!
  • Journalist query – any coverage of a 1988 murder case – text archive and Factiva
  • Found a few pieces for next week’s From the archive, on a Palestinian state and juvenile delinquency
Tuesday 8 November
  • Uploaded today’s From the archive piece, 1975: Stanley Reynolds on James Joyce and the Booker, written in Joyceian (?) style, a good one!
  • Updated the Datablog Afghan stats with amputations and wounded figures
  • Journalist query – previous reports of court dealings regarding rendered suspects – text archive (he had lots of details so a quick one, we like!)
  • Found another From the archive piece for next week, on Anthony Blunt
  • Meeting with Companies House to show us how to use their service
  • Went to a talk as part of the Let’s Talk Digital series – Twitter, Tweetdeck, Storify – Tweetdeck particularly should save me lots of time and help me use Twitter more effectively
  • Journalist query – previous interviews with Lenny Henry, from nationals, regionals and mags – Factiva
  • Journalist query – tracked down a PDF version of an article that the text archive had mislaid
  • Journalist query – recent articles on motoring fines – text archive enough for this
  • Journalist query – examples of overcrowding in nightclubs from regionals, to see if it’s a problem – Factiva again…
  • Journalist query – trying to trace the model for the Joy of Sex illustrations. I love my job.
Wednesday 9 November
  • Journalist query – cuts on David Willetts for an interview, and stats on uni applications (Factiva)
  • Uploaded today’s From the archive with our trainee again – 1967: No alternative for Britain – or the Six (on the EEC). I found an ace photo of Maggie to go with it, so I retweeted to try to up traffic
  • Journalist query – article from yesterday’s Times on poppy bling, for a journalist at home (we can avoid the paywall)
  • Journalist query – copy of this month’s Vanity Fair (we still subscribe to the odd magazine)
  • Journalist query – company info – from Factiva
  • Journalist query – cuts on Heavy D for Obits – Factiva again!
  • Journalist query – any US profiles of Osborne – Factiva…
  • Checked through the Year in Review, to share with the Observer and Guardian journalists compiling coverage next month (we learnt quite quickly to compile a list of news through the year, which saves a lot of work come November!)

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