Working week, 28-30 November 2011

Not too much to report this week – I spent most of Tuesday at Online Information (report to follow soon) and had time off for a sick toddler and the strike. Such a skiver!

Key topics this week:

  • Uploading From the archive – I was uploading on Monday so I added the on this day story for Saturday 26 Nov 1923 – French try to crack mystery of humour (love the pic!) and Monday 28 November 1970 – Mystery cellist drama (tongue-in-cheek comment on cold war relations).
  • Blogged some articles on Women in Love following Ken Russell’s death.
  • Found a nice piece on the repeal of Prohibition for next week’s From the archive (Dec 6) – effigy of “Old Man Prohibition” pulled through New York by a camel! And a few court reports from 1862 for Dec 9.
  • Prepped a Datablog post on the Grammy award nominations – a bit tricky as the nominations aren’t announced until the wee hours of Thursday but hopefully whoever launches the story will fill in all the missing blanks!
  • Journalist queries included the 1957 Wolfenden Report, the Tory share of the electorate last year, the UK’s current wage share, the Guardian First Book award, a Companies House search and the average public sector pension.

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