Online Information 2011: Judith Lewis seminar on SEO

Judith Lewis spoke at Online Information on SEO and social media

Judith Lewis, who spoke about SEO and social media

There was a useful seminar from Judith Lewis (@JudithLewis) of Beyond on social media and SEO (check out the slides for stats).

I knew the basics already (thanks to the Guardian’s SEO team) but it was helpful as a refresher, and Judith’s slides provided some surprising and useful statistics and research (for example the link between sharability and profitability, which shows sales will increase if people share about you – vital for selling social media to management!).

I apply good SEO to my Guardian blogposts as a matter of habit, but not to my personal blog – I must start!

And there was chocolate, which is always a Good Thing.

Top Tips

  • do some keyword research so you use the most appropriate ones – “fundamental and essential”
  • change your title to good SEO if you only do one thing!
  • keep your content fresh to rank higher (add a blog?)
  • focus on the visuals too – use and tag pictures, video – people’s attention is drawn to images
  • “if you build it they WON’T come” – you must promote your content, use social media and not just the obvious Twitter and Facebook – don’t forget LinkedIn, Flickr

To do

  • read up on the Panda update (to tackle scraping, spammers etc)
  • improve the SEO of this blog
  • check out the SEO Chicks blog
  • look at Link Footprint sites to see how the site is performing and improve it (seomoz, Majestic SEO)

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