Working week, 12-14 December

  • Film award nominees and winners 2011-12 for the Datablog: In 2009 I ran a spreadsheet on the major film award nominees and winners, and the Film editor has asked for it again this year. I’m quite chuffed, I love the build-up to the Oscars so it’s fun to be able to track it all for work! Nice that the film team found it useful and suggested it themselves, too. They’re even going to help me update it so there’ll be fewer Sunday evenings spent thinking about spreadsheets!
  • Events diaries: We keep track of upcoming events in national, foreign and arts news. The diary was hosted on our intranet page originally, then we switched to Google Calendars a few years ago, and last month these were shared on the Guardian site as part of the Open News experiment. Which means even more pressure to keep them up to date! A quiet few days meant I could get a few months under our belt.
  • From the archive: We’re trying to get the Christmas period out of the way, and we have more space to play with over Christmas week. I’ve found a Dev Anand film being made on Everest (28 December 1973), a cheery news piece from 1831 about cholera outbreaks in the north east (31 Dec) and a 1941 piece about Churchill’s address to Congress (27 Dec).
  • Journalist queries included frequency stats on various austerity phrases in the UK press over the last few years, an article from Broadcast (there’s a paywall online), statistics for a graphic on metal theft, cuts on the Murdoch pie thrower and an attempt to track down the man punched by Prescott in 2001.

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