Online Information, 29 November 2011

Free items from Online Information

My Online Information freebies

I spent the morning at Online on the first day of the exhibition. It seems smaller than ever this year, but there was still a strong representation across the field, and it was much more manageable and less overwhelming (there’s the silver lining!).

I chatted to some interesting people, and not all of them were trying to sell me something! More important than finding out about the latest start-up or resource is actually talking to people fact to face. As much as I love social media nothing can replicate that.

My challenge now is to keep in touch or follow up on contacts I made at Online. I’ve already arranged a trial of the Cengage’s Gale NewsVault database, and worked on the SEO of this blog following Judith Lewis’s seminar (to be blogged soon!). I want to connect with everyone I met on LinkedIn too.

Ooh, and I collected the usual bagload of branded items too – pens, pencils, highlighters, notepads, stress balls, the list goes on. Prize for the weirdest freebie goes to the FT this year, for their branded hand sanitiser (although Mekon get special mention for their branded satsumas!), and best haul to Cambridge University Press for the cute QR code bag, credit card USB stick and digital photo egg!


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