#Libday8: Day one (30 January)

Mac computer screen in the Guardian library

The view from my desk

Library Day in the Life Round 8

Senior researcher, Guardian News & Media (news library)

  • 9am: Check Twitter on the bus on the way in to work, to find out what’s in the news this morning (I need to be aware of what’s going on, and it gives me an idea of what I might be asked to work on later). Work doesn’t begin when you enter the office any more!
  • 9.45am: Deleted last week’s emails – I don’t work on Thursdays or Fridays so my inbox fills up with old queries.
  • 10am: Picked up an emailed query for a land registry search, left over the weekend, and emailed the team to say I’m doing it (that might seem redundant – there are only six of us and we all sit together – but we work different shifts and my job share won’t pick up the email until Thursday, so it pays to attach a name to every job).
  • 10.15am: Ran the land registry search – I haven’t used it much so it was good to get a bit of practice – and emailed results to the journalist.
  • 10.20-11am: I’ve been running a Guardian Datablog post on the film awards season, something I initiated a few years ago, using a Google spreadsheet to track all the key nominees and winners leading to the Oscars in February. This weekend was the Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild awards, so I added the winners to the spreadsheet and added a para about them to the article (the DGA winner usually wins the Oscar). The post has tables for best actor and actress attached, and I edited these so that the winners stood out in bold. I also created a new table, for best director nominees. Then I relaunched the post (with today’s date) and told the web team about it so they can attach the story to any relevant content.
  • 10.30am: Michel Hazanavicius doesn’t have a keyword on the website yet, so I emailed our keyword manager to request one. He’s on it!
  • 11am: Quick department meeting to discuss jobs coming up this week.
  • 12pm: It’s the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday so I wrote a quick blogpost for From the archive, with Guardian coverage from the time. Once I’d prepped it I ran it past a colleague and our SEO team, to sub it and improve my SEO!
  • 1pm: Checked the text for tomorrow’s From the archive piece against the original, to weed out any stray commas or spelling mistakes. This is one of the tasks that is rota’d each week.
  • 1.15pm: Quick lunch! At my desk, because I’m going to a staff briefing at half one. I’ll try and sneak some time away from the screen later.
  • 1.20pm: The SEO team are happy with my Bloody Sunday post so I launched it, then tweeted the link from our department account (@guardianlibrary).
  • 1.30pm: Company-wide meeting about an upcoming Guardian event.
  • 3pm: Took a query from a journalist about MPs prosecuted following the expenses scandal (we get most queries via phone or email but this one sidled up to my desk, which I like). I checked for each of the MPs on our text archive of national papers, and on Factiva (to catch regional coverage), and sent articles via email.
  • 4.15pm: Journalist query for background on Seb Coe, via phone – Factiva again.
  • 5pm: I checked over the From the archive pieces for Wednesday and Thursday while I had a bit of spare time.

Kept up with a few articles via Twitter today – Beyond books: what it takes to be a 21st century librarian and Online newspaper metrics? The grey lady doth protest too much, methinks. I keep Twitter running in the background  and check in periodically to keep up to date, don’t want to miss anything!


4 thoughts on “#Libday8: Day one (30 January)

  1. Thanks for writing this – I’ll be reading all your posts as your job sounds really interesting. Doing it must mean you are always up to date with current news. Sarah

  2. Thanks! Sarah W – I keep up to date but I don’t remember all of it! I like that I’m always researching different subjects, so it doesn’t get too boring even if I’m just finding articles. But it would be nice not to sit at a computer screen all day. Looking forward to your posts too!

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