Working week, 23-25 January 2012

  • Generating a Wordle from a hashtag: Education asked on Tuesday if we could create a word cloud  from the questions asked on Twitter using the #askgove hashtag. See my post for more info on how I prepped it (and why it didn’t run).
  • Awards nominations: The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, streamed live on the web. I prepped the article first thing, added the nominations to our spreadsheet as they came in then amended the article before publishing (controversially no nomination for Tilda Swinton!). My computer decided to remove itself from the server ten minutes before the announcement, cue much gnashing of teeth, but luckily the old ‘turn it off then turn it on again’ trick worked. I had a bit of a struggle creating summary tables for the page (thanks Critics’ Choice for nominating six best actors) but Ami showed me a nifty way of narrowing the columns. And I forgot to change the date (so that the article jumps to the top of the Datablog list), but handily someone else noticed and fixed it! Quite exciting launching a story in real time, but lessons to be learned about paying attention to the little details.
  • Pre-emptive blogging: I’m trying to work on a few blogposts in advance, so I’ve been looking for content on the Queen’s succession and Valentine’s day.
  • Journalist queries included recent comment on the health and social care bill, a 1994 article from Modern Law Review (luckily one of the free online ones), writing bulletpoints on some Olympic sports, corrections, polls on satisfaction with the NHS, a comparative health report, profiles of Aki Kaurismaki, a fact check on Woody Harrelson and background on the judiciary system (who heads it, who regulates it, law schools).

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