Losing focus

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything – it’s fair to say I’m struggling to keep up with my commitments! What they call the work-life balance, or rather the work-life-CPD-everything else balance in my case.

Work has been crazy busy recently, leaving no time to tackle CPD in my lunch hour (what lunch hour?). What time I do have at the moment is taken up with work-related stuff – I’m compiling an ebook (exciting, but time-consuming!) and have a list as long as my arm of projects I don’t have time for during ‘normal’ work hours. Tweetdeck is always open and I try to keep up with industry news but at the end of every day my desktop is littered with articles I haven’t had time to read.

Attending CPD events is another area I’m struggling with. I work part-time, and with two small children and a husband who travels with work I can’t commit many evenings to networking and groups such as LIKE. It’s unfortunate that LIKE events are held on a day I don’t work, ruling them out unless I turn up late (which is more than a little embarrassing!); similarly, it’s difficult to drop in on #uklibchat or the #chartership chats while I’m getting the kids ready for bed. To say nothing of Codeyear, freelance writing, knitting…

This all sounds a bit self-pitying, and I realise I’m not alone in struggling to fit CPD into daily life, and still have a life (the Universal Bookdrop blog addressed the same issue a few days ago). I feel a bit like I’m juggling (how many cliches can I fit into one blogpost?), and by trying to keep everything in the air I’m not progressing with anything.

So, I’ve decided to cut down on blogging while I try to concentrate on compiling my Chartership portfolio. I’ll still post occasionally but no more self-imposed pressures to blog every week. Hopefully it’ll mean more quality posts, and there’s a chance I might actually finish Chartership some time this year! Less talking, more doing…

POSTSCRIPT: As is the way, I launched this last night and was directed to several related blogposts on time management this morning (thanks @librarianbyday!).

A post from the lifehacker blog (Instead of Saying “I Don’t Have Time,” Say “It’s Not a Priority“) fits my dilemma exactly. It’s hard to admit to yourself that tasks that you (or others) consider important aren’t actually a priority. I might make myself a priorities list – and try to be honest with myself.

I’m also reminded of an article in the Harvard Business Review blog (When To Give Up On Your Goals – thanks @tinamreynolds!), in which Dorrie Clark discusses the importance of being realistic in setting targets, and the importance of revising or even scrapping them when they’re no longer beneficial. I tend to bumble along, trying to do everything at once. Maybe I need to take a more analytical approach.


2 thoughts on “Losing focus

  1. I know *exactly* how you feel. My chartership progress has also stalled at the moment – mainly because work has been so busy lately (your “what lunch hour” comment strikes a chord!) but also because I keep agreeing to do things which are a bit more urgent than chartership. This is one area where the lack of a set timeframe for chartering is a disadvantage, at least for me – I’m very bad at making myself do things if I don’t have a deadline!

    I’ve got next week off work, and I plan to spend a few days getting back on top of everything then. I’ll see how that goes…

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