CILIP Chartership guidebook notes

Online here

  • Key is to meet the criteria – stick to it!

Portfolio must include:

  • Contents page
  • CV
  • PPDP with analysis of the impact and effectiveness of training
  • Personal evaluative statement (1000 words)
  • Materials to show you understand objectives of your organisation and your information service/products, and can analyse how they are met
  • Organisational structure charts (optional)
  • Job description
  • Evidence of mentorship including the mentoring completion form
  • Evidence of professional development – training courses, meetings, research, involvement in professional networks…

Personal Evaluative Statement should include:

  • Why you chose assessment material (linking it to criteria)
  • Outcomes of development activities and how they contributed to professional development
  • Cross-reference to other sections of your portfolio

Selecting material:

  • relevance not quantity!
  • Reflective
  • Evaluative


  • In sections as per contents page
  • Minimum 12 pt
  • In triplicate (1 can be electronic), in binders
  • Front cover – name, CILIP number, job title

Personal Professional Development Plan

  • How your training, professional development and experiences will help you meet the criteria
  • Short and medium term development needs, and how they will be met
  • How you will achieve your goals to meet the criteria
  • Who will support you – colleagues, employer, mentor…

Body of Professional Knowledge

  • Read (everything!)
  • Provides a reference to help you audit your skills and identify areas to develop


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