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Guardian Shorts: Titanic – A Century of News, edited by Katy Stoddard (Guardian Books, 2012), ISBN: 978 085265 3340

Guardian Shorts: Roses Are Red: The Guardian on Valentine’s Day, edited by Lauren Niland, Katy Stoddard & Richard Nelsson (Guardian Books, 14 Feb 2012)

Blogging from the archive: it’s all old news, Cilip Update (April 2011)

Media Librarians: Writing ourselves new roles, Library & Information Update Digital (May 2010), pp.36-37

Katy Heslop & Linda MacDonald, Managing intranets, in Katharine Schopflin, ed., A Handbook for Media Librarians (Facet Publishing, 2008)

The simple sword of truth: ensuring the quality of a digital newspaper archive, Cilip Update (April 2008)

Guardian/Observer work

Guardian website profile page

From the archive series, carried on the leader page of the paper

Datablog profile

Datablog: Afghan casualties

Afghanistan war logs: the glossary

Pope’s visit: an interactive guide

War in Afghanistan – ten years on

Left, right, left: how political shifts have altered the map of Europe

Sidebars for Guardian/Observer paper or web

Old and young (sidebar on Olympians), published in Guardian 7 March 2012

G2: Shortcuts: English literature: And the winner of the bestselling Man Booker author is . . ., published in Guardian 27 July 2011 (based on Datablog post)

Electric vision: A new era in motoring: A comprehensive look at the world market for battery-powered vehicles, published in Guardian 12 March 2011 

Castro to release memoirs: other memoirs, published in Guardian 29 July 2010

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston: words of love, published online 14 July 2010

Background to Sri Lankan conflict, published in Guardian 7 June 2010

Timeline of Andrew Wakefield MMR jab claims, published in Guardian 25 May 2010

David Cameron timeline, published online 12 May 2010

Gordon Brown timeline, published online 12 May 2010

Election 2010: new cabinet interactive, published online 12 May 2010

Eugene Terre’Blanche life and times, published in Guardian 5 April 2010

Obama’s year in office, published online 20 January 2010

From the archive blog (department blog)

When No Smoking Day was still big news, published 14 March 2012

Valentine’s Day from days gone by – in pictures, published 13 February 2012

Diamond jubilee: Queen Elizabeth takes to the throne in 1952, published 6 February 2012

Bloody Sunday 40th anniversary: How the Guardian reported it, published 30 January 2012

Ghosts of Christmas past: festive adverts in the Guardian – in pictures, published 21 December 2011

Pearl Harbor attack remembered: ‘Japan declares war on United States’, published 7 December 2011

Ken Russell’s Women in Love ‘a lot quicker than reading the book’, published 28 November 2011

Doctor Who: Guardian reviewer unimpressed by first episode, published 23 November 2011

Kennedy assassination: how we reported a ‘tragedy for the world’, published 22 November 2011

Man Booker prize: a history of controversy, criticism and literary greats, published 18 October 2011

Phone hacking, the Met police and the David Shayler case, published 20 September 2011

Anger smoulders in Tottenham: the Broadwater Farm riots of 1985, published 8 August 2011

Tottenham riots: ‘Live blogging’ in 1985, published 8 August 1985

Custard pie as political artform: 1998 profile of Noel Godin, published 19 July 2011

July 1969: Rollings Stones Hyde Park gig marred by death of Brian Jones, published online 7 July 2011

Morons not Mormons: a Guardian correction from 1925, published online 4 July 2011

Datablog posts & other blogposts

Further education colleges take lion’s share of new student places, published online 7 March 2012

Grammys 2012: Nominees and winners, published 13 February 2012

Search and rescue statistics 2011: how many people were rescued and where were they?, published 7 February 2012

North Korea: 10 facts about one of the world’s most secretive states, published 19 December 2012

Awards season 2011-12: All the major nominees and winners, published 14 December 2011

Grammy Awards 2011: All the nominations in key categories, published 5 December 2011

Man Booker prize 2011: Sales for all the Booker Prize winners, including Julian Barnes, published 26 October 2011

The world’s top 200 universities 2011 – how the Times Higher Education ranks them, published 6 October 2011

Mercury Prize 2011: Every Mercury Prize winner, ever, including PJ Harvey, published 7 September 2011

Pocket money has gone up. Find out who is receiving how much, and where, published 17 August 2011

Rail fares rise: All the available data on British rail revenues, published 17 August 2011

Man Booker Prize 2011: All the Booker Prize winners, and the 2011 longlist, published 26 July 2011

How north east libraries are changing lives (Cilip Libraries Change Lives award), published 15 July 2011

Mercury Prize 2010: Every Mercury Prize winner, ever, including the xx, published 8 September 2010

Iraq war: the conflict in statistics, published 1 September 2010

Tax and benefit reforms: will the poorest be hardest hit?, published 25 August 2010

STDs in England: breakdown by region, gender and ethnicity, published 25 August 2010

GCSE results 2010: exam breakdown by subject, school and gender, published 24 August 2010

Road safety: Are poorer children more likely to be knocked down?, published 17 August 2010

US contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq, published 16 August 2010

Cuts to housing benefit: average losses by local authority, published 12 August 2010

Compensation claims paid out by every prison in England and Wales, published 4 August 2010

Scientific procedures carried out on live animals, published 27 July 2010

UK film industry in statistics, published 22 July 2010

Every Mercury Prize winner, and all the 2010 nominees, published 21 July 2010

Russian spy ring: the allegations, published 29 June 2010 (compiled spreadsheet)

Glastonbury Festival lineup as a spreadsheet, published 23 June 2010

Bafta TV awards, all the main winners since 1954, published 7 June 2010

Eurovision 2010 datasets, published 28 May 2010

Birth and fertility rates in England and Wales, published 25 May 2010

Plastic surgery in the US, published 19 May 2010

Election 2010: MPs who have died in office, published 12  May 2010

World Cup stats since 1930, published 5 May 2010

Newspaper support in general elections, published 4 May 2010

General election 2010: safe and marginal seats, published 7 April 2010

Is Britain broken? Measuring civic health, published 31 March 2010

Staffordshire hoard: other treasures saved by the Heritage Memorial Fund, published 24 March 2010

How does US healthcare compare to the rest of the world?, published 22 March 2010

Ghostsigns archive: documenting painted advertising in the UK, published 19 March 2010

All the nominees and winners from film award season 2009, published a final time on 8 March 2010

6 Music: listening figures for all BBC networks, published 3 March 2010

Deadliest/strongest earthquakes since 1900, published 28 February 2010

Dubai suspects: flights into and out of Dubai, published 25 February 2010

UK exports & imports in 2009, published 24 February 2010

Winter Olympics, former medallists, published 16 February 2010

Grammy award winners & UK charts, published 1 February 2010

State of the Union addresses as Wordles, published 27 January 2010

Teen drug & alcohol treatment by region, published 14 January 2010

Suicides in custody in the UK, published 11 January 2010

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